Sleep Has Become Expendable

May 2, 2012

There’s a great post on Livestrong today. Lots of things stand out but Martin Rooney‘s thoughts on sleep probably apply to 99.9% of us!

As your day becomes “busier” with each passing year, sleep has become expendable. In fact, I would be bold enough to say that the human species is the only one on the planet that is sleep deprived (just think about how many times you wake a week without an alarm clock). Although many of us understand the effects of a lack of proper exercise and nutrition, I think few of us appreciate the negative physical and mental repercussions due to a lack of sleep. Both the healing of the body and mind occur during sleep, and most of us know we are not getting enough. I, however, take my sleep very seriously. Just as I try to train and eat like a champion athlete, I try to sleep like one as well.

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