Never Let Go by Dan John

February 9, 2012

Never Let Go Dan John

I don’t recommend many books to you through this site but this is one of my all time favourites. If you’re interesting in training in anyway, then this is one book you won’t regret purchasing.

I bought the Kindle version of Dan John’s ‘Never Let Go’ last summer and despite ploughing through it in a couple of days, it’s a book that I’ve never really put down. There’s always something that reminds me to dip back in to it.

The book is a collection of Dan John’s hugely popular internet essays, mainly focused on the Olympic lifts but also taking in motivation, food and day to day life along the way. At first glance it may appear to be a book written for budding strongmen but in my opinion it’s not a training manual as such, more a collection of thoughts and guidance from one of the great fitness writers of the day.

This is a book which I have forced on other people I believe in the content that much.

One of the most startling points is the idea that everything works, for so long. Once your body adapts, it’s time to change it up or your progress will stall. It seems so simple once it’s laid out in front of you and that’s a regular occurrence reading Dan’s work. The key to progress is keeping things simple but simple is not equal to easy.

Dan has a passion for living and passion for learning and he applies these subjects to his training.

If anything, I’m glad I got around to reading this book now rather than in fifteen years. It’s saved a whole lot of messing about!

Never Let Go – Dan John


If you’re unsure about purchasing the book outright and would like a taste of Dan’s written before hand, he has a free ebook available called From The Ground Up which is also a great resource.

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