How to Run Fast

February 19, 2011

I don’t want to run marathons.

Even thinking about 10km makes me ill.

Treadmills bore me to tears.

I just want to run fast.

I don’t want to ‘pace myself’.

I’m want to be Christie, Bolt, Lewis and Johnson; all rolled into one.

I want to relax on the start line, force back the nerves and control my breathing.

“Remember; chest up, shoulders back, point your hips forward.”

I know all of this.

I want the ‘B of the Bang’.

I want to keep low…

…drive my arms hard…

…and keep my hands loose…

Don’t tighten up.

Give it everything.

Focus on nothing.


Why can’t I relax?

I want to reach for the open air and pull myself towards the line.

I want to claw at the ground with my toes and propel myself forward like a cornered animal.

I want to run through the line, no slowing up.

I don’t want to pound the floor or stress my joints.

I want to fly.

I don’t care about being the fastest.

I just want to go faster.

Screw the rain – I’m going sprinting.

Who’s with me? :-D

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